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THE OTHELLO BACH SHOW ~ join with best-selling author, musical composer, certified hypnotherapist and seminary graduate Othello Bach every Wednesday @ 7:45 am and 6:45 pm Pacific Time when she will share information which will help lead you to a happier, healthier and more productive life.

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Show segments now available in a book!

This book contains the text of The Othello Bach Show, a short weekly podcast produced by IndieAir Radio, found at, Google Play, Spotify, Apple and Stitcher. 

Othello is a retired Christian minister and Certified Hypnotherapist. Her podcast thoughtfully examines contemporary beliefs—what and why we believe as we do, and how many of these beliefs negatively affect our health, happiness, and prosperity. Complete information for The Othello Bach Show can be found at

Amazon Review:

“Ponderings” is an enjoyable read which contains several examples of crisp, clear writing. In my forty-two-year career as an English teacher, I saw students who possessed quality-writing skills. They, however, rarely produced multiple examples as Othello does in “Ponderings.” Othello truly is a gifted writer whose pen exhibits clarity of thought and an unvarnished, warm, appealing tone.

“Ponderings” awakens the reader to his own (maybe neglected) thoughts. Sensitive readers realize they, too, have beliefs. Beliefs need nurturing. Most readers will find they are inspired and reassured by “Ponderings.” Othello’s style and approach serves as encouragement to those readers and also to those who are challenged and need to reassess and further develop their beliefs.