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This book contains the text of The Othello Bach Show, a short weekly podcast produced by IndieAir Radio, found at, Google Play, Spotify, Apple and Stitcher. 

Othello is a retired Christian minister and Certified Hypnotherapist. Her podcast thoughtfully examines contemporary beliefs—what and why we believe as we do, and how many of these beliefs negatively affect our health, happiness, and prosperity. Complete information for The Othello Bach Show can be found at



Amazon Review:

“Ponderings” is an enjoyable read which contains several examples of crisp, clear writing. In my forty-two-year career as an English teacher, I saw students who possessed quality-writing skills. They, however, rarely produced multiple examples as Othello does in “Ponderings.” Othello truly is a gifted writer whose pen exhibits clarity of thought and an unvarnished, warm, appealing tone.

“Ponderings” awakens the reader to his own (maybe neglected) thoughts. Sensitive readers realize they, too, have beliefs. Beliefs need nurturing. Most readers will find they are inspired and reassured by “Ponderings.” Othello’s style and approach serves as encouragement to those readers and also to those who are challenged and need to reassess and further develop their beliefs.


Foster Parents’ Handbook

I grew up in a Group Home with 200 other kids, and many surrogate moms. We called them “matrons,” and the Home was called an orphanage. I vividly remember the day we were driven to another state to be placed there. I was 7, and my two younger sisters were 5 and 3. We were huddled together on the back seat, terrified and crying. We knew we were about to be “put somewhere” that we didn’t want to go. We wanted to stay with our father and older brothers. Our mother had burned to death in a house fire.

“No, no, no!” I screamed silently in my mind because our father had told us to stop crying and complaining. “Please don’t do this! Please don’t!” I prayed. “God, don’t make us go! Make Daddy want to keep us! Please!” But it happened anyway. Then, when I was 35, and had two sons of my own, one of my brothers committed suicide. His wife “lost it” and abandoned their children—a son, 7, and a daughter, 3, so I became their surrogate and legal guardian. Having been exposed to both sides of “the system,” I have a perspective that may benefit those who are raising someone else’s children, and those who are currently considering becoming a foster parent, Group Home house-parent, or are planning to adopt.

Endorsement Reviews:

"I highly recommend this book. It is filled with great ideas and will help a lot of people." 

– Kristi Condiff (Founder/CEO/Administrator of Indiana Foster and Adoptive Parents Resources

"The Foster Parents Handbook is extraordinarily insightful. Othello Bach spent 11 years of her childhood in a group home, separated from her siblings. Later, as a young mother with two sons she accepted the guardianship of two abandoned children. This book details the terror that children experience when separated from their natural parents, and offers practical advice on how to relieve the fear and instill trust and confidence in children caught in this overwhelming situation."  

Kay Persinger (School Psychologist, Level 1, Licensed, State of Indiana



Secrets of Successful Writers


This writing manual contains only essential information for writing marketable fiction. No padding. No fluff—just easy-to-apply rules, tips, examples and exercises.





 Amazon Review:

“I have recommended Othello’s writing book to all my high school and college students for the last ten years… It is also applicable to film students and screenwriters. I have written three movies for Mel Brooks and am a two-time Emmy nominated writer/producer, and I believe this is the best educational writing book on the market.”

–Steve Haberman, Columbia University/USC Professor 




How to Write a Great Story

This concise handbook answers questions regarding: Characterization, Plotting, Dialogue, Action, Transitions, and includes examples and writing assignments on each topic.







Amazon Review

“Ms. Bach has accomplished the near impossible in crystallizing the writer’s craft onto a pinhead in this little jewel of a book. I’ve read close to fifty books on writing over the years, and I have yet to find one that so clearly, plainly, and most of all understandably, outlines what the craft consist of.”


How to Write a Great Story: Teacher’s Guide


This manual precisely follows the text of How to Write a Great Story and offers follow-up questions and assignments pertaining to the various topics.






 Amazon Review:

"How to Write a Great Story serves as an excellent resource for any teacher who is willing to guide aspiring young minds to think and write. Ms Bach shows keen understanding of tender, budding communicators. "How to Write a Great Story" displays solid examples needed in order to write as an extension of thinking. In my forty-two years as a public school teacher of language arts in grades 7and 8, I have seen very few books such as Ms Bach's. She encourages a teacher to encourage young minds to value something that we hold dear over the rest of God's creation: the power of meaningful and effective communication.”