CRY into the WIND: A True Story



Cry into the Wind follows Othello Bach’s life through her earliest years living in grinding poverty, a house fire that claims the life of her mother, the loneliness of growing up in two different orphanages where she was separated from her siblings… and so much more. 





Why I wrote it:

I grew up in a church-supported orphanage, along with 180 other kids. I didn't learn to read until the 8th grade, when I finally realized that letters have sound assignments! I counted the 13 letters in my name... knew how they sounded, and figured I could teach myself to read. So I swiped a flashlight, hid under my covers at night and taught myself. While struggling through Daphne Du Mauier's Rebecca, I became so terrified I stopped reading and asked myself why I was so frightened. When I realized that mere words had prompted my fear, I also realized I could influence my own destiny by telling myself encouraging words.

I wrote Cry into the Wind, my memoir, when I was 22. I wanted those who supported the orphanage to know what else their contributions supported. I sold 11 other books before Cry into the Wind was published and 6 of them—3 thrillers and 3 children's books were bestsellers.


"This memoir should be a movie or TV miniseries. It's incredible!" Joyce Webber  


Celebrity Reviews:

“Othello Bach is a force. And this book proves it.” – Joel Grey 


“Cry into the Wind is a page-turner from beginning to end. It is a compelling story of survival and an inspiring testament to the strength of the human spirit and raw determination.” – Dave Pelzer, author of A Child Called It


“As illustrator of four of Othello’s books, I’m sure that her hilariously inventive take on life must have helped her overcome many obstacles.”  – Sandy Huffaker, nationally syndicated political cartoonist, fine artist and illustrator


Midwest Book Review:

An impressively written, fully reader engaging, candidly informative, inherently fascinating read from cover to cover, "Cry Into the Wind: A True Story" is very highly recommended, especially for community library Contemporary American Biography collections.


Amazon Review:

“Cry into the Wind” is an autobiography that you cannot stop reading… It is not a dirge of self-pity. It is a celebration of survival. When I finished the last page, I went to the prologue and read the book again. That is the highest compliment I can give an author.