Just For Tweens

The Golden Slippers


A Tween Novel


Illustrated by Othello Bach


Set in the early 1900s, a young orphan girl is inspired by a most unlikely character to fulfill her dream of becoming a dancer.









Amazon Review:

A story you cannot put down as an adult or child. The words continually pull at you until you do not see words or sentences but see the characters moving and dancing and talking, and you hear music playing as you turn each page.






A Tween novel


Eleven-year-old Whitney and her nine-year-old brother, Matthew, follow a cat into an old, abandoned house where they find a tiny gold egg, and magical things happen. A Voice tells them they egg will hatch into a Snigglefuzzle, a little creature that lives on kind words, and fades and disappears around harsh, angry words. Unfortunately, they live in a small Midwestern town where everyone is out of work and grouchy.


They hide the Snigglefuzzle from unhappy adults, and turn to their best friend Tug. He has an invention that will put the people back to work and make them happy again. The townspeople like the idea, but two men sneak into town and steal Tug’s computer and the plans for his invention. Now the only way to save the town and the Snigglefuzzle is to find Tug’s computer and capture the thieves—and do it all without using harsh, angry words that will make their Snigglefuzzle disappear.


Can they do it? Is it possible? 


Amazon Review:

I found myself laughing out loud and I could not put it down. This would make a wonderful movie for the whole family. It’s sort of an ET meets Harry Potter. This is the perfect book for students who do NOT like to read. It will change their minds.